Bill Snyder, a goat, time travel, the current state of the NFL, Russell Westbrook, and Katy Perry


Yeah, you read that right.

The key to Bill Snyder’s uncontrollable laughter.

On the side of my more “professional” writing gig as a sports writer for The Manhattan Mercury, I also write a comedy column for

Jug of Snyder is a Kansas State fan site that covers the Wildcats in nearly every way. There are many fan sites out there, but what impressed my about JOS was how wide the net is in their coverage. So many fan sites just cover football or hoops. The guys at JOS try to get everything and even report on K-State’s academic achievements, which is very refreshing.

You have no idea how long it took me to go through Katy Perry pictures and pick out just the right one. Yep. You guessed it. It took 45 seconds, which beat my previous time of 43 seconds.

My column there is called “Bill Snyder laughed SO hard…” I chose that name because the often stoic 72-year old head football coach seems to always be a step ahead of everyone else and that nothing phases him. Thus, the hypothetical image of him losing his shit amuses me.

The first column I wrote a couple weeks ago is a fantasy tale of Snyder losing his shit after seeing a weird looking goat on a hike throughout the Flint Hills that surrounds Manhattan, Kan.

The most recent column is a bit more of a rambling — and a bit more informative —  about my thoughts on K-State high-jumper super-star Erik Kynard — who is poised to make the U.S. Olympic team tonight — the NBA Finals, the current injury issues in the NFL, and yes, an acknowledgment of the fact a Katy Perry song was playing through my speakers during the time I was writing it.

Look for more of these in the future, and of course, enjoy.

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